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Current main version 5.7
(about 1.7 MB)
Last beta version
Changelog and old versions

Not at least because the continous help of numerous users MWconn develops more and more. Step by step bugs are purged and new ideas implemented.

Till now these items have been programed for the next version:
- preparations for handling of long SMS
- recognition of HP un2400 and hs2340
- fixed: signal strength timestamp if not connected
- recognition of Huawei E398 LTE stick
- recognition of Sierra Gobi 3000 module
- recognition of HP hs2350
You can download the current software state – the so-called beta version – for testing purposes. That is the executable only. For downloading the manual please open the help page.

Current beta version 5.7W
(about 0.3 MB)

Bug reports and suggestions are welcome at  MWconn-Forum at any time!
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